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Kaylee Schuler (author) Kaylee Schuler is 11 years old and has a fascination for wolves since the age of six. She enjoys biking, running, hiking, playing the piano, reading, writing, and drawing. She has two dogs, Hannah and Gracie, and likes playing and running with them. She also loves the outdoors and nature, and likes being outside, rain or shine. She is doing her part to bring wolves back to Colorado and other places in the United States they have disappeared from, and will continue to support wolf protection. She lives in a small town on the edge of a forest in Colorado and is currently working on her next book.

Midnight: A Wolf's Tale
Midnight: A Wolf's Tale (cover) Midnight is a gray wolf who is born into a pack consisting of his brother, sisters, and his mother, Angel. He must learn to hunt and survive in the world if he is going to leave his birth- pack and the home he has known his whole life, to fulfill his dream of leaving his family and finding a mate. Even through harsh winters, sweltering summers, danger and confusion, he must go on, and throughout his story you will hear about his struggle for survival, and how he copes with each new adventure that comes his way. Packed with suspense, humor, love and heartache, this is Midnight's story, told in his own words.
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